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Int’l Repo-Depo, Inc. provides the services to convert machine gun parts sets and cannons into Oxygen / Propane simulated firing replicas. We have provided replicas for the movie industry and re-enactors, or for the
person who wants the real thing without the problems of live ammunition.

We have supplied conversion of 37mm cannons, 76mm cannons, MG 34’s / MG 42’s, Browning 1919A4 and M2HB .50 cal., FN MAG’s (GPMG) just to name a few. We can build simulated guns that parts sets are not available.
Contact us for your specific needs and request a quotation. We Assemble
De-Milled Parts Set Guns Into Non Firing Simulated Guns! It’s as close
to the real thing as you can get!!

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Overseas Customers

We are now offering the components to build up a simulator from your parts set. We
can supply the basic material and controls you will need and instructions. If you want us to machine your firing chamber we can do this as well and ship you all the materials. We will offer online support to complete your project.

Contact us for pricing!