XM-2A Water Proof Unit

The XM-2A is:

  • Self contained with battery located inside.
  • Its weather tight for outdoor exposure.
  • Easy opening latches for servicing the unit and battery.
  • Unit can be operated from its internal battery or an external 12V source.
  • The trigger control leads can be used manually or connected to a trigger
  • source (no contact) like a live fire target system, remote relay, etc.
  • All units are supplied with a 12V rechargeable battery and comes ready
    to operate out of the box.
  • We can supply the regulators and hoses for the unit as well.
  • The tanks for oxygen and propane can be purchased at a local


  • Military and Police Training
  • Live Fire Ranges with remote operated targets.
  • Scare off animals or birds,
  • Haunted Houses etc.

We can custom build your project as needed. Call for pricing


  • Base Unit, cycle timer, hose and regulators $1,935.00
  • Wireless Remote: $550.00
  • Tanks Not Included!

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